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Q3 2018 | 1/1/2018 – 3/31/2018
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“It’s an alternative hypothesis to the sonic-weapon theory, of someone trying to cause harm. It’s a theory that seems a little more practical in that it could be bad engineering. It seems like a reasonable hypothesis.” – Fox News Kevin Fu, Associate Professor, CSE Cuba sonic attacks
“With this facility, we can pursue aggressive educational and research flight projects that involve high risk of fly-away or loss-of-control — and in realistic wind, lighting and sensor conditions.” – TechCrunch Ella Atkins, Professor, AERO M-Air opening
“If it’s a bigger rock—say basketball size or bigger—then it can make it to the lower atmosphere and the air is dense enough that it’s not just a streak of light across the sky, but a substantial fireball and an eventual explosion as this rock reaches catastrophic failure at some point.” – Fortune Michael Liemohn, Professor, CLASP Meteor over Michigan

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  January February March Total
Berkeley 581 390 4462 5,433
MIT 1,474 1,200 1,249 3,923
U-M 812 391 1,464 2,667
Stanford 630 747 850 2,227
GA Tech 793 354 366 1,513
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If we do nothing, if we let the mechanics of voting continue to deteriorate, then I am 100 percent sure that we are going to be attacked again in the fullness of time. And it’s going to make 2016 look quaint by comparison. – J. Alex Halderman, professor, CSE, NPR, Jan. 27, 2018

The real challenge is you need to distinguish the difference between people and cars and bushes and paper bags and anything else that could be out in the road environment. The detection algorithms may have failed to detect the person or distinguish her from a bush. – Matthew Johnson-Roberson, assistant professor, NAME, Bloomberg, March 21, 2018

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