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Q1 2018 | 7/1/2017 – 9/30/2017
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Hurricane power outages

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Printed medicine could reinvent pharmacies

Edwin Olson, CSE

May Mobility startup

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Fu’s hope is that synthetic embryology might eventually help engineers grow complete human organs. “I am not talking about a human body without a brain. But what is a true possibility is you could develop a mini-gut or a mini-liver, since the embryo develops them, too. And if you have the primitive organs, they could grow into a functional one.“
– Jianping Fu, associate professor of mechanical engineering in MIT Technology Review, 9/19/17

University of Michigan engineering professor Matthew Johnson-Roberson says recent deadly navy collisions underscore the need for technology to make the water safer. “It shows you that it is still a really critical thing to get right, that you can’t make mistakes. And what we want to do is create technology that makes it safer than what we’re doing right now, and as soon as it is safer and cheaper, I think you’re going to see that happening.“
– Matthew Johnson-Roberson, assistant professor of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, in an Associated Press video, 9/14/17

“Our (CYGNSS) simulations have shown that the forecast skill is improved. Now we need to demonstrate it for real.”
– Chris Ruf, professor of climate and space sciences and engineering, in Science Magazine story “Hurricane Harvey provides lab for US forecast experiments”, 8/28/17

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