Our Work

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C&M works to achieve the College’s strategic mission and vision, including increasing the reputation and prestige of the College. Our priority is to communicate and market to external audiences, including media, peer institutions, alumni and prospective students. Internally, we assist with informing members of our community about key information, and engaging around our mission, vision and values. We are responsible for College-level marketing platforms and project, and partner with embedded communicators around the College to achieve department and unit-level goals.

  • Content creation, promotion & media relations
  • Multimedia production & photography
  • Digital product development & maintenance
  • Graphic design & branding
  • Template and asset curation & distribution
  • Internal & issues/crisis communications
  • Marketing materials & campaigns
  • Social media platform management
  • Creative & strategic consultation
  • Fostering an engaged community of communicators

Our Products

You can see C&M’s work represented in these platforms:

Communications and Media Relations

Our media team boasts a sustained year-over-year increase in placing stories in mission-critical news and research outlets, including The New York Times, MIT Technology Review, The Chronicle and more. Helping our faculty become known for their work is a top priority for the team.

Digital/Print Design and Development

Our design and development teams create print and digital products that serve a high quantity of users. Our websites receive 3 million average annual visits and our print products reach every single member of the Michigan Engineering community.

Marketing and Social Media

Our marketing team creates results-driven campaigns and platforms, including the College’s social media channels and digital marketing campaigns. Last year, our campaigns reached more than 70 million impressions.

Videography and Photography

Our multimedia team consistently produces photography and videography with a strong impact. Our “Make Them Care” mantra puts our audience and their interests front and center. This results in award-winning work year after year.


Environmental branding throughout campus, both physical and digital

U of M Flickr


Photography of our people, places and programs


College print pieces such as the annual Profile and recruitment materials


The College website, news site and other sites throughout Michigan Engineering

Email Templates Array

Email Newsletters

The College’s email newsletters


The Michigan Engineer magazine

Social Media

The College’s social media platforms


Videos about our research and community

The College of Engineering's Communications & Marketing team

How to get help

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Michigan Engineering Brand

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Through our people-first framework, Michigan Engineering is reimagining and reshaping what engineering can be—at Michigan and beyond—enabling all engineers to have a positive impact on the world and build a future that will elevate all people.

Recent Award Winners

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2023 CASE Circle of Excellence Award for “The Drum Major”

2023 Best of CASE District V Award for When climate change hits home

2023 Best of CASE District V Award for People-First Engineering