Voice & Tone

Our Brand Voice

Clarity and authenticity builds trust. This truth manifests in the tone of our brand voice. We are straightforward and inclusive. We speak with respectful authority from areas in which we lead, sharing knowledge freely. Our work is interdisciplinary, therefore we speak plainly so that our message isn’t muddied by jargon. Most importantly, our voice is humane and approachable.

Editorial Guidelines

Michigan Engineering’s mission is to provide scientific and technological leadership to the people of the world. Our content should reflect that mission, striving to distill complex topics and information into a format understandable by a general population. The average reading age we should be striving for in our writing is an 8th grade level. Our content should be:

  • Conversational but correct
  • Aim for brevity and scannability
  • Invite exploration
  • Express empathy, inclusivity and authenticity