Just need a single template?

A variety of simple-to-use templates are available through Google Suite and Adobe Express to the Michigan Engineering community for promoting events, programs and more.

Software: Google Suite, Adobe Express, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator


Think you’ll make several items throughout the year?

A suite of templates and assets are available for community members who make a variety of materials throughout the year, such as event marketing, social media and print.

Software: Adobe Express


Are you a graphic designer who regularly makes complex projects?

Graphic and digital designers can consult with our design team to obtain a full suite of Adobe libraries and materials for creating complex projects.

Software: Adobe Express, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator


Some of the links below open a template in Adobe Express, a drag-and-drop web interface.
Usage requires login with your Umich account and kerberos password.
Instructions for use can be found here

Not finding what you need/want? Contact [email protected] or check out the “advanced” or “expert” sections.

Branded Presentations

Google Slide Templates

Slide templates
File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
Blue Connector ThemeSept ’22Widescreen (1920×1080)Google Slides
Reverse Connector ThemeSept ’22Widescreen (1920×1080)Google Slides
Connector Frame ThemeSept ’22Widescreen (1920×1080)Google Slides
Connector TopAug ’23Widescreen (1920×1080)Google Slides


Digital Meeting Backgrounds

People-First Engineering Logo
File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
StandardSept ’2216:9 (4K, HD)Google Drive
Mirrored Sept ’2216:9 (4K, HD)Google Drive

Record Ads (Quotes) Print ad template

Ad templates
File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
Record Ads (Quote) SuiteSept ’22Various SizesAdobe Express


People-First Logo Wallpaper
File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
Computer wallpaperSept ’2216:9 (4K)Google Drive
Computer wallpaperSept ’2216:9 (HD)Google Drive
Computer wallpaperSept ’2216:9 (720)Google Drive
Apple/Android wallpaperFeb ’23VariousGoogle Drive

Web Banner

Umich engin web banners
File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
Web Banner (Google Form)Aug ’231600x400pxAdobe Express

Email Resources

Email Signature

Email Signature Array
File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
People-First Signature TemplateSept ’22Customizable email signature options.Google Drive

Mailchimp Templates

Mailchimp templates
File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
Import templateSept ’22Single AnnouncementMailchimp
Import templateSept ’22Multi-AnnouncementMailchimp
Import templateSept ’22Single EventMailchimp
Import templateSept ’22Multi-EventMailchimp
Import templateAug ’23Letter/UpdateMailchimp

For more information about this template suite and how to manipulate the sections please reference this presentation.



Brochure template
File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
Four Panel BrochureMarch ’24Square (8×8″)Google Drive
Pocket BrochureMarch ’24Custom Print (15×12.75″)Google Drive

Event Suite

Event templates
File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
Directional SignageAug ’232 options (24×18″)Google Drive
Directional SignageAug ’23letter-sized and tabloid-sizedAdobe Express
Save the DateAug ’23Postcard Adobe Express
InvitationAug ’23PostcardAdobe Express


Newsletter template
File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
NewsletterAug ’235 optionsAdobe Express

Postcard Templates

Postcard templates
Item DescriptionFile updatedFilePlatform
Save the Date
(Design 1-3)
Sept ’22Postcard Library (6×11″)Adobe Express
Save the Date
(Design 1-3)
Sept ’22Postcard Library (4×6″)Adobe Express

Poster Templates

Poster templates
File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
Poster SuiteSept ’22Posters (11×17″)Adobe Express

Research Poster Templates

Research poster
File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
Research PosterAug ’23Poster (48×36″)Google Drive

Stand Up Banner

File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
General TemplateAug ’2332×80″Google Drive
Event TemplateAug ’2332×80″Google Drive
8×8 TemplateAug ’2398×88″Google Drive

Table Top

File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
Table TopAug ’234×6″Google Drive


Instagram Post Templates

Instagram example
File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
Post SuiteSept ’22Sq. Template (1080×1080)Adobe Express
Winter Theme Quote (x3)Feb ’23Sq. Template (1080×1080)Adobe Express
Framed social quoteMarch ’24Sq. Template
Adobe Express
Multi-page carouselJuly ’23Sq. Template
Adobe Express

Twitter Post Templates

Twitter posts
File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
Twitter Post SuiteSept ’22Horz. (1600×670)Adobe Express

Linkedin Templates

LinkedIn Banner
File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
Linkedin – Profile cover Oct ’22Horz. (1536×396)Adobe Express


Professor Recognition example

Collegiate & Endowed Professorship Recognition

File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
Digital SlideDec ’231920×1080 Screen TemplatePowerpoint
FlyerJan ’248.5×11″InDesign
Directional SignageDec ’2324×18 Horizontal TemplateInDesign

Collegiate Professorship Recognition

File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
PosterDec ’2318×24 Vertical TemplateInDesign
BrochureJan ’24Color & WhiteInDesign
Web HeaderDec ’23Endowed Professorship

Endowed Professorship Recognition

File updatedItem DescriptionPlatform
Email Invite TemplateDec ’23Mailchimp
FlyerJan ’24ColorInDesign
BrochureJan ’24Color and whiteInDesign
Web HeaderDec ’23Endowed Professorship


Community members who anticipate making multiple projects throughout
the year could consider accessing our Adobe Express Library.
The library is updated regularly and provides a wide variety of templates
and assets for mixing and matching. It includes print and digital materials,
such as brochures, social media template, event marketing and more.

Fill out the form below to tell us who you are and gain access to the Adobe Creative Cloud
library and template libraries directly from Indesign and Illustrator.

Direct link to form


If you are a graphic designer or digital designer who will be making complex projects,
our full Adobe InDesign library and raw assets can be made available.
Please contact our design team at [email protected] to
consult with our brand experts.

Mathias-Philippe Badin

Mathias-Philippe Badin

Creative Design Manager

scott hyde

Scott Hyde

Digital Designer

Rachel Voigt

Graphic Designer