Our Brand

Brand Statement

Michigan Engineering cultivates the engineers that will guide us from today into the future. As a contributing influence to the globally recognized University of Michigan brand, we create intellectually curious and socially conscious leaders who embrace not just technology, but also humanity. Our values guide us – excellence, collaboration, innovation, daring, diversity, social impact, transparency, trustworthiness – inspire us and come to life in our branding.

Brand Character

  • Authentic
  • Smart
  • Inclusive
  • Bold
  • Contrasting
  • Compassionate
  • Engaging

Brand Philosophy

The Michigan Engineering brand strives to reflect the unique experiences of our students, faculty and staff, and our mission to serve the common good. The visual style is a reflection of two ideals – the technologies we create balanced with the human, societal focus. It is diverse and forward-thinking. It is expressive yet grounded. Our approach is intersectional and human-centric. We recognize the multiple users and communities we serve and design to meet them where they are. Michigan Engineering is rooted strongly in the University of Michigan’s enduring ethos – an uncommon education for the common person. Our academic departments and units are critical to what we do – we are a family. We are all unique, yet unified. Within each sub-brand, there is individual expression, yet we are strongest in our united voice. At our core, we are maize and blue, and we are engineering. View sub-brand structure guidelines

How Our Brand Manifests

Through the visual design styling, we will communicate that:

  • Engineers are bold
  • We are socially conscious
  • We are collaborative
  • We strive to serve the common good

We will achieve this through:

  • Vivid or bold colors (not earthy or muted)
  • Strong, considerate typography
  • Empathy and understanding of our audiences
  • Thoughtful placement and use of authentic, engaging photography
  • Generous consideration of open space
  • Contrasting of bold and understated elements